Scenic Sri Lanka

Few destinations offer such diversity in scenery and habitats as Sri Lanka and as you journey through this charming tropical paradise you will understand why. Escape to the cooler climes for a lush realm of rolling hills carpeted with tea plantations and scattered with gushing waterfalls. Roam the grassy plains and relish the vibrant flora and fauna. From sunrise to sunset, we welcome you to a picturesque wonderland of scenic treasures.

Urban Landscapes

The Colombo Metropolitan Region dominates the settlement system of Sri Lanka. It includes the legislative capital, Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte. It is also the foremost administrative, commercial, and industrial area and the hub of the transport network of Sri Lanka. Urban settlements outside this area are much smaller and less diversified in functions.
Charm of the Village
About four-fifths of all Sri Lankans live in rural settlements, of which there are several types. In areas of high rural population density. Villages merge with one another, each a conglomerate of homestead gardens interspersed with tracts of paddy land. Interior villages also contain monocropped with rubber or coconut and terraced paddy land.
The Scenic Mountainous
In the Central Highlands, landscape gives way to extensive plantations under tea or rubber cultivation. One of the many unforgettable things about the scenery is intensity and veriety of color of green. Everything here is green and lush, and much of the region is carpetted with the glowing green of the tea plantations.
Sandy beautiful beaches
Sri Lanka is virtually synonymous with surf, sand and sunny days on the beach. There are the postcard-perfect beaches of the southern coast with cerulean waters and powdery sand. There is surf-friendly Arugam Bay in the south-east, considered one of the top surfing spots in the world. 
Eco Sites & Nature Parks
The virgin forests of Sri Lanka are rich in their variety and profusion of flora and fauna. Wildlife, including elephants, leopards, bears, buffalo, and peafowl, and tree species such as ebony, mahogany, satinwood, and teak.

Wildlife Conservations & Bird Sanctuaries

Sri Lanka features no fewer than nine national parks and seven bird sanctuaries. Sri Lanka though small in size is one of the few places on earth where the world’s largest land and sea mammals can be seen in a day.

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