Wildlife in Sri Lanka

Wildlife in Sri Lanka


Home to a vast variety of endemic species, flora and fauna, the natural beauty of Sri Lanka is astounding. Ranging from majestic elephants to regal leopards and a rainbow of birds and butterflies, the wildlife in and around the shores of Sri Lanka is diverse and abundant. In an effort to safeguard and preserve Sri Lanka's nature and wildlife, 15% of the country is currently protected within wildlife sanctuaries and nature reserves. These sanctuaries allow you to observe wild Sri Lanka in its natural habitat and reserves that have gained prominence on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites are the magical Sinharaja Rainforest Reserve, The peak Wilderness Protected Area, Horton Plains National Park and Knuckles Conservation Forest.



Bull Elephants1 Bull Elephanta         Sri Lanka Bull Elephants

The Sri Lankan Elephant is the prominent figure in Sri Lankan wildlife and this is a rightful honor for the majestic and intelligent beast crowned the largest of the Asian Elephants. The current elephant population in Sri Lanka stands at 5000.

        Sea Mammals and Whale Watching

Situated within the International Whaling Commissions protected zone, Sri Lanka is one of the world's main spots for Blue Whale and Sperm Whale Sightings.

Sea Turtle Whale Watching
Wild Safari Wild Safari Deer         Wild Safari

Sri Lanka has a healthy and diverse population of wildlife, boasting 92 species of mammals, 16 of which are endemic. Home to a range of National Parks, Sri Lanka strives in its efforts to conserve and protect rich species diversity.

        Bird Watching

Sri Lanka is without a doubt, a bird watchers paradise. More than 440 Species of resident and migrant birds thrive on this island including 33 endemic birds such as Sri Lankan Blue Magpie and White-throated Flowerpecker.

Bird Watching Pea Cock Bird Watching




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